12 HVAC Maintenance Tips

12 HVAC Maintenance Tips

HVAC systems are our year-round necessity. Tell us of one season in the year when we could make do with the efficient HVAC system making our lives easier. From providing cooling relief on blazing hot summer days to ensuring there’s comfortable heat to keep the winter chills away, we can’t do a day without an HVAC system.

Considering its many advantages, it is important to ensure that your HVAC system is in the best state. Of course, that is not possible without performing regular maintenance tasks. Here are the top 12 maintenance tips that will ensure your system is in the best condition possible at any time of the year.

1. Air Filter Change

It is important to clean or replace your air filters in time to prevent malfunctioning of the HVAC, you see, with time and especially when it is dusty outside, the dust particles and debris can tend to accumulate inside the air filter.

If it clogs and you do not remove it timely, the HVAC system will have to work double-time, will collapse faster, and will cost higher energy bills.

2. Timely Tuneups

HCAS systems need at least two yearly tuneups to ensure they’re in optimal condition. We recommend scheduling one preventive maintenance during the spring season for excellent air conditioning performing in summers.

The next tuneup should be around fall to ensure you will have the best heating system all through the chilling winters. Timely maintenance will ensure that professionals and trained technicians inspect, service, and fix any existing problems in the system.

3. Clear the Dust Away

Your air conditioner could quickly begin infiltrating dirt, grass, leaves, and even branches if you do not conduct timely cleaning. While cleaning dust, debris, branches, and such is easy, incurring the costly bills from neglecting cleaning is not.

Cleaning out the vegetation in your HVAC will also protect it from unnecessary faults.

4. Visual Inspection

You must try to change the filter once every month and when you’re doing that, be sure to run a visual inspection too. Before the professionals step in, you can catch a lot of potential problems in your HVAC on your own.

Some routine inspections could include the returns, registers, outside unit, inside the unit, condensate system, filter access, and more.

5. Do Not Close Air Vents

Leaving the air vents can likely save energy costs. This simple act significantly reduces the pressure load, and if you do the contrary, your air conditioner will have to work double-time to send cool air into your home.

6. Leave no Clutter

No one likes clutter around and especially not your HVAC system. By keeping things sorted around your HVAC area, you will help improve the safety of those inside the house under the influence of the system. It will also improve the air quality emitting from the HVAC.

If you leave clutter around, particles and debris could easily sneak inside the vent system.

7. No Lapse in Maintenance

Sure we all have a truckload of responsibilities to tend to, but it wouldn’t do to let a year go by without scheduling maintenance for your HVAC. In fact, this could be the reason why your system does not cool or heat desirably during the most crucial seasons of the year.

Rather than suffer the risk of your AC breaking down on the hottest day of the year, be sure to conduct pending repairs and servicing jobs on the system. By neglecting little problems, you could even cause the technical or maintenance issues to blow out of proportion.

8. Condensate Drain Cleaning

In the HVAC systems, there exist lines of the condensate drain. It is important to keep this line clean and free from clogging so that the system doesn’t freeze when it’s operating. Cleaning the condensate line is one of the quickest HVAC fixes. All you need is to detach it and treat it to a cup of bleach and vinegar combined.

9. Assess the Ducts

In addition to other maintenance measures, you must also regularly check the ducts. If you don’t do so, you wouldn’t know when the ducts start leaking, and soon, you’ll have to pay heavily for it. Checking the duct is no big feat and requires a few supplies to assess on your own.

10. Seal Cracks

Incoming drafts are a great enemy of HVAC units. Any leak that you fail to catch inside your home could be robbing your system of its maximum potential of operating. If your system is not cooling or heating as it should, it could be a crack in the house.

In addition to sealing cracks, also try to replace your ordinary windows with energy-efficient ones.

11. Optimal Temperatures

Be sure to set your HVAC systems at the optimal temperature on the thermostat to ensure your system uses energy efficiently. If you cannot figure it out on your own or through a manual, we’d be willing to help you set energy-efficient temperatures.

12. Correct Flame

Among other things, be sure to check the flame of the furnace too. If it’s not a crisp blue shade, you must call in a specialist. In fact, if orange or yellow streaks appear in it, you must contact a technician immediately.

Final Thoughts

HVAC systems require timely and scheduled preventive maintenance to perform optimally throughout the year. If you neglect routine checks, timely repairs, and services, you could cause tiny faults to grow into bigger problems.

From unnecessary energy consumption to quick failures of your HVAC, plenty could go wrong in the absence of timely attention. For any further help with your HVAC system, you can contact us. Our expertise and years of experience help us resolve any HVAC issues there may be!


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