5 Signs You need an Air Conditioning Service


An air conditioner is a must if you live in a warmer region. People spend thousands of dollars trying to pick the best HVAC system, considering there are a plethora of options available nowadays. However, even the best air conditioning units can lose their performance without proper maintenance and servicing.

Thus, AC owners must keep a close look at their air conditioning unit’s performance and take necessary actions for it. We have lined out some signs that can help you determine the best time to get an air conditioning service in this article. Let us begin.

5 Signs you need an Air Conditioning Service

Getting a timely air conditioning service is the best way to ensure your house doesn’t face heating or cooling issues during the year.

1. Unit Producing Hot Air

The primary task of an air conditioning unit is to cool down the room or “condition” indoors as per the user’s requirements.

However, many times the units stop performing properly, making it harder for users to the required temperature. Most of the units start blowing out hot air, which is the most common sign of a mechanical fault.

Always ensure that your unit’s settings aren’t messed up before calling a technician to check the air conditioner for you. Chances are that the device has compressor issues, or low refrigerant levels, which both require taking expert assistance to bring the ACs back to normal.

2. Giving off Weird Smells or Noises


An air conditioning unit is designed to make the environment as comfortable as possible. It maintains optimal conditions indoors so that the users can stay comfortable for hours if they have to. However, some air conditioners lose their performance over time and start producing a foul smell.

Most chances are that the insulation connections have some trouble, causing the smell. Moreover, it could also indicate mold build-up inside the systems or another contamination form.

You wouldn’t want to breathe in such poor-quality air. Thus, it is best to consult with a professional and get started on servicing your air conditioning unit right away.


Weird noises coming from the air conditioner are a sign of mechanical issues. Most of these noises come when an obstruction hits the air conditioning unit fan.

This can also cause wear and tear over time, impacting the air conditioning performance too. Thus, it is wise to get it checked.

Additionally, some units may also produce a weird noise while the air conditioning system remains turned off.

This can be a sign of electrical damage in the system, preventing the AC from operating properly. Always check for grinding noises on time, or it could turn into a more serious concern for users.

3. Higher Electrical Consumption

A sudden surge in electrical cost does not always indicate higher utility charges. Sometimes your air conditioning unit is the one to blame. Users should know that the air conditioner’s wiring is responsible for energy consumption and regulation through the system.

Thus, users need to ensure that the internal wiring and electrical components work properly, and consume balanced amounts of energy.

Thermostat Issues

Similarly, you should also keep a check on the air conditioning unit’s thermostat, and determine whether or not the system is limiting energy consumption.

Note that simple steps like cleaning the air vents, checking for electrical complications, or issues with the coil can help you attain balanced energy consumption in no time.

The condensing coils can also develop certain knots in the system at times, which increases energy consumption.

However, if your system continues to act sluggish, it is best to call a technician. These technicians can suggest if repairing the system is enough, or do you need to get it replaced with an energy-efficient one. Investing in a new system is better than waiting for a gigantic energy bill each year.

4. Showing Signs of Leaks

Water dripping or condensation can lead to major issues with the air conditioning unit over time. While small amounts of this water are fine, depending on the kind of air conditioning unit you have; checking for excessive water condensation is a must. You wouldn’t want to see your air conditioner lose its entire refrigerant because of a small leak.

You should consult with a specialist to check the system, and diagnose possible chances of mechanical issues. It is important to note that leakages can occur because of a wide range of options.

For instance, a simple blockage in the system could choke the complete flow, causing a leak.

Refrigerant Leakage

Leaking refrigerant amounts is a more serious concern for air conditioning unit owners. It is because the liquid is toxic, and can damage your pets or yourself with direct contact. Moreover, the spilled refrigerant can also create moss, mold, and issues in the system, contaminating the air blow from the unit.

Air conditioner owners should keep an eye on these issues from the get-go to minimize them timely, and keep their unit up to date.

5. Require Repairs Often

Normally people need to ensure their ACs perform correctly, which is why they need to call professionals for consistent repair and maintenance work. In fact, keeping your air conditioner up to date can increase its lifetime, and help you reduce the need for a newer one over time.

However, it is a concern if your air conditioning system requires repair work over and over again. As a general rule of thumb, all AC owners should get their systems checked twice a year. However, it is a serious concern if the repair works become more frequent.

Chances are that your air conditioning unit has run out of its life, and severe mechanical and electrical issues will keep popping up. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on its consistent maintenance, we suggest you consult with a professional. They can help you determine if the system is worth keeping ahead, or if you should replace it with a new one.

Bottom Line

Investing in a good-quality air conditioning system is a must. However, the systems are only as good as the way you take care of them. AC owners should consider sings like consistent repair needs, leakages, higher energy consumption, etc in mind to determine when the system needs air conditioning service.

We also suggest discussing your AC system issue with professionals to help get a clear idea of the service you need. I this case, we can help you keep your air condoning units up to date in no time.






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