A/C Tips for Summer in Providence, RI

AC Tips for Summer in Providence RI

We know summer in Providence, RI, can be quite overwhelming, especially with a poorly performing air conditioner. But this year, we have some top tips to share to beat the summer heat and have the coolest environment indoors.

In summers, it is common for people to encounter multiple cooling issues. But often, it is not a mechanical fault causing the issue but rather improper use or maintenance of the cooling system. In most households, we’ve observed that the air conditioners rest near windows or patio doors.

With this placement, it becomes even more necessary to care for your air conditioning unit, just like other appliances in your home. This year, use our helpful tips to experience your air conditioner at its best.


1.   Start with the Vent Setting

There are certain air conditioners that have an open/close vent setting, for which you must ensure they’re in the closed position. You see, doing so will help cool air from the inside of your apartment. Whereas, if you leave the vent in the open position, the unit will draw in more hot air from the outside, and the unit will have to work double-time to cool the air.

This is not a good setting, especially if the environment is warmer outside than the inside.

2.   Regular Filter Check

You must check your air conditioner’s filter regularly. In fact, some newer models come with a removable filter containing a screen which is quite like a dryer vent. The best about these is that you can remove the filters and simply clean them with soapy, lukewarm water,

Then there are also other models whose foam filters are replaceable. If your air conditioner’s foam filter requires a replacement, you can reach out to us for assistance.

3.   Switch it on Early

The best practice is to switch your air conditioning unit on earlier in the day before the heat starts seeping in. You must put the A/C on before the temperature outside starts to soar and your apartment heats up too much.

You see, waiting to put the air conditioning unit on till the hottest part of the day could make your system work double time. You may also wait till you return home to put the A/C on, but by then, the apartment may be too hot already, and it will surely take the A/C hours to cool down the internal temperatures.

4.   Medium-High Settings are better

For your A/C settings, the temperatures should be at a medium-high for the best performance. Considering your system has a dial setting of 1 to 10, you must choose 7 ideally. When temperatures are soaring outside, we know you’d want your home to be freezing inside to offer a reprieve from the heat.

But it is in the best interests of your air conditioner to cool at a medium-high setting so that it doesn’t freeze at high and quit running sooner.

5.   Are Your Windows Energy-Efficient?

If you are not using windows that are energy efficient in your home space, you could be putting an extra toll on your air conditioning unit. Are per a renowned department of energy, windows tend to impact the cooling and heating energy by nearly thirty percent.

But you can change that for your own air conditioning units and the energy consumption at large but installing windows that are energy-efficient.

6.   Location of the A/C

You may not have realized it yet, but choosing improper locations for your AC units could negatively affect the localized air temperature. If you choose to fix your systems in an unobstructed position at home, especially on the north side of your apartment, where there is more shade, you will find the local air temperatures reducing significantly.

This, in turn, will extend the life of your air conditioning system without putting an unnecessary toll on it.

7.   Don’t Forget to Give the System a Break

Machines need breaks, too, especially if they’re heating or cooling systems. There could be days in the summer in Providence, RI, that might not be as hot as the others. When you think you could make do comfortably when the temperatures are not as high, it’s a great idea to give your A/C unit a break.

The lesser you make your unit work ceaselessly, the longer the system will last.

Final Thoughts

A/C units could make summer in Providence, RI, unbearable if not for the blissful cooling of air conditioning units. These wonderful cooling systems have made lives easier and peak summer days bearable. But we could ruin the convenience and comfort source if we are negligent in taking care of and maintaining the air conditioning units.

Simple practices like cleaning A/C filters, filling cracks or holes in the walls or windows, replacing ordinary windows with energy-efficient ones, and more can maximize the life of our units. For any further help, you require with your A/C units, contact Briggs Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electrical expert assistance. We’d be glad to provide information regarding any of your air conditioning problems.


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