Advantages of Preventative AC Maintenance

Advantages of Preventative AC Maintenance

The sudden change in weather often exerts extra pressure on HVAC equipment. That is why experts suggest that you should conduct preventive AC maintenance at least twice a year. The optimal time to perform preventive maintenance is fall and spring.

Preventive maintenance has a plethora of benefits for residential and commercial AC units. You can save a significant amount on your AC system by increasing the life of your equipment. Also, it improves the efficiency of the system. The high efficiency of AC units saves a huge amount on electric bills.

Advantages of Preventive AC Maintenance

Preventive maintenance improves the equipment of the air conditioner. A maintained AC unit will improve the quality of air in the home. Furthermore, it will maintain the temperature of the home. If you want your AC to run throughout the year, you should check various components of the system. These components include gas pressure, blower motor, and condensation drain.

Now that you know the items for AC preventive maintenance, we will list some tasks you should perform during the preventive AC maintenance:

1. Avoid Emergency Repairs

When you maintain the quality of AC components, you can guarantee happiness and health for your family. Furthermore, you can reduce hassles for you. For instance, clogged air filters put extra stress on the unit. However, when you timely replace the filters, you can avoid problem escalation. As a result, your AC unit will function properly.

2. Resolve Electrical Problems

You have to ensure that the electrical connections aren’t lost. Otherwise, it will increase risks for your family. Therefore, it is important to schedule a preventive maintenance session with the team. When you consult with a professional HVAC technician, they will inspect components of the system. This includes a complete electrical inspection.

Furthermore, preventive AC maintenance includes voltage checks on motors and other components. The technicians will check for the loose and close to failure wires. They will replace the wires to prevent electric problems due to weak wire connections.

3. Extends System Life

If you want to keep the AC system running for a long time, you should perform preventive maintenance twice a year. Many manufacturing companies produce Air conditioners to survive about a month. You can extend the period by hiring an HVAC maintenance team to conduct preventive AC maintenance. That way you can increase the life of the AC unit for extra seasons. Also, you can lower the cost to maintain the system over time.

4. Prevents Mold Growth

A proper air conditioner contains proper water channels, which removes the water from the unit. But, when the dust and dirt block the drainage system, it accumulates water in the bottom of the unit. The warm air and the water create a suitable environment for mold development. The mold spores flow outside the unit with the air and cause health issues.

If you notice signs of mold in the air conditioner, contact a professional team for preventive maintenance. The team will remove the mold from the system to improve the air quality in the room.

5. Cleans the Whole System

The important component of the air conditioner is outside the house. The outdoor unit collects pollen, dust, and other substances. When the dust and dirt accumulate on the outside unit, the internal unit won’t perform properly. Furthermore, the unit will lose efficiency and power. The condenser coil won’t work properly when it gets dirty.

So, if you notice the main fan moving slowly, you should contact the team for maintenance. The AC maintenance team will improve the system performance by removing the dirt and dust build-up. The optimal benefit of preventive AC maintenance is that the team cleans the internal and external units.

6. Improves Your Home’s Air Quality

The air conditioner maintains the temperature of the home as well as controls the humidity. Excessive moist can develop dust mites and other microorganism particles. These elements can irritate the internal air. As a result, you can develop various health problems such as skin allergy and asthma. If you want to promote a healthy atmosphere inside the home, you should hire a professional team for preventive AC maintenance.

7. Increase AC Efficiency

When your system is clean and fresh, it will function with efficiency without using excessive energy. Furthermore, you will experience a consistent temperature in the house. But, when you forget to get an appointment with a professional team, the system will eventually develop problems. The unit will accumulate dust, the filters won’t work properly, and the life of the unit will start to decrease.


Do you want to conduct preventive AC maintenance? If yes, then you should hire a professional team in your neighborhood. Briggs Mechanical can improve the performance of your AC unit through maintenance. We have experienced and skilled technicians who use advanced tools to inspect and maintain the AC system.



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