Is It Possible to Repair an HVAC System?

Is It Possible to Repair an HVAC System

Wondering if you can improve the air quality in your house without switching to a new HVAC system? Yes, you can hire an HVAC service provider to repair the heating and cooling system. With little maintenance and repair, you can save a significant amount on your electricity bills, increase comfort in the house, and breathe cleaner air.

If you are still wondering how a professional service provider can help with HVAC repair, then this post is for you.

What Issues can Professional HVAC Service Providers Fix?

Here are some HVAC problems that require a professional service provider:

1. Part Replacements

Replacing the air filters after 30 to 90 days doesn’t require a professional. You can easily remove the old filter and place a new one. But, replacing other components of the HVAC unit isn’t an easy job. An attempt to replace the component can cause severe damage to the unit.

For instance, replacing an evaporator coil, a blower motor, or a thermostat are not DIY projects. You need to maintain the flow between components for proper flow, air pressure, and temperature. For that, you require professional calibration from an expert.

2. Fluid Leaks

Fluid leaks result in major damage to the HVAC unit. Leaks can disrupt the heating and cooling process. Furthermore, the machine will exert extra pressure that will lead to other malfunctions. In this case, you will need professionals’ help to identify the leaks. After detecting the problem, they will immediately repair the unit.

3. Duct Cleaning

Besides maintaining the temperature of the home, the HVAC system improves the air quality as well. The system collects the dust particles, debris, and dirt from the residential and commercial settings. The build-up inside the duct can cause various problems if you don’t hire a professional team for cleaning.

You can clean the exterior of the duct with a vacuum cleaner. But, cleaning the build-up inside the duct requires professional help. An experienced team uses advanced tools, equipment, and skills to clean the HVAC duct.

4. Duct Repairs

The furnace heat and transfer the air inside the house through the duct. Sometimes, the leak in the duct reduces the hot air supply to the room. Leaks and cracks in the duct increase the electricity bill. Furthermore, you won’t be able to maintain the temperature to the desired number.

You can improve the performance of the HVAC unit by fixing the small openings in the duct. For that, you will need professionals’ help. A team of expert technicians can fix small as well as heavy damage. They have advanced tools to identify and repair the leaks.

5. An Overheating Furnace

You should contact a professional HVAC team for clogged furnace filters. The major sign of a clogged filter is overheating of the furnace. When dust and dirt accumulate on the filter, it blocks the airflow. To maintain the temperature, the furnace has to exert extra pressure. Ignoring the problem might result in major damage.

If you want to prevent excessive expense, immediately contact professionals. A qualified HVAC team will replace and repair the component of the furnace. They will clear the path to resolve the problems with the airflow.

How an HVAC Service Provider Can Help?

You can contact an HVAC service provider for installing, maintaining, and repairing your heating and cooling unit. They will carefully evaluate the system and identify the weak and damaged spots. Let’s understand how an HVAC service provider can help:

1. Repair

An experienced HVAC team can repair and change faulty parts. If the team identifies a component disrupting the system performance, they will either fix or replace it. Since there are so many components in an HVAC system, identifying the actual problem can be a challenge. But for professionals, inspection is a routine job. They can easily identify the problem because of their extensive experience and capabilities.

2. Installation

You can hire an HVAC team to install the unit in the home or workplace. The service provider can help you install a new system or upgrade the existing one. For instance, you can seek help from a professional team while converting an isolated heater to a central one. The installation process requires calculation. You have to measure available space, design ducts, and meet the ventilation requirement of the system. The best decision here is to leave the task to the professionals.

3. Maintenance

HVAC system requires regular maintenance and you can improve the system’s performance by choosing an experienced team for the process. A qualified team will inspect and clean the HVAC unit. They will add refrigerants, clean ducts, and change air filters. Furthermore, they will look for leaks and major damages to the system.


Do you want to improve the performance of your HVAC system? If yes, then you should hire a professional team to repair the system. Want to consult an experienced team in your neighborhood? If yes, then contact Briggs Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electrical. We have a qualified team to resolve and repair problems with the HVAC system.



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