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Your heating and AC system will treat you better if you take good care of it.

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the average life of a gasfired furnace is estimated at eighteen years. This number is based on the assumption of regular inspection and cleaning. For your heating system to not only continue to function, but to operate efficiently and safely, annual service is an absolute necessity. Count on the professional team from Briggs Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electrical to handle the inspection, complete cleaning, tightening, adjustment, and tuning of your system.

When it comes to any style of heating and A/C equipment, dust and dirt are the enemy. Over years of service, debris can accumulate deep within the system, causing friction and blocking airflow. System airflow impacts not only the amount of warm air, but also the quality of the air. Dirty equipment can exacerbate allergies and increase irritations in the nose and throat. There is also the very real possibility of malfunctions and safety concerns. A furnace that is not operating properly can be deadly. While every gas furnace generates a small amount of carbon monoxide, it is usually carried away from the home through venting. A clogged, dirty system can produce dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide. Even if your unit seems to be functioning, there may be tiny cracks in the heat exchanger that put your family at risk.

These concerns can all be caught and corrected through routine maintenance. Competent troubleshooting by trained professionals can save you a great deal of money.

Service from Briggs Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electrical delivers reduced energy and operational costs, swift response to your needs, and superior equipment longevity, ensuring that you enjoy optimal equipment performance and uninterrupted comfort. When you sign-up for a convenient maintenance plan Briggs, you’ll enjoy the rewards of:

  • Extended service life of equipment
  • Lower utility bills
  • Emergency service discount
  • Priority service
  • Superior comfort
  • Healthy Indoor Air Quality
  • Continued warranty coverage
  • Documentation of proper maintenance
  • Safe operation
  • Elimination of the majority of repairs
  • Quieter operation
  • Peace of mind

There is no substitute for precision tuning and professional cleaning of your heating and cooling equipment. When you trust the upkeep of your HVAC system to the team from Briggs, you’re getting the best possible protection for your investment. You’ll know that when the temperatures plummet, or when they soar, your heating or cooling equipment will be ready to answer the challenge with safe, efficient, and consistent comfort. There is no drawback, no downside, and no possible way to take better care of your home, health, and indoor comfort. Give us a call for comprehensive service.

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